Fine Art & Valuable Goods

We handle your artworks
with care, attention and safety.

From the simplest transport to the logistical planning of a large international exhibition, we manage any transport you need to every destination; whether in Europe, EUAU, Asia, Pacific or USA.  We offer a customized service for museums, galleries and private collectors that is always characterized by the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Air and sea transfers are carried out exclusively through absolutely reliable carriers, following appropriate safety procedures both in the loading and unloading phases and during the shipment itself.

We deal with all the procedures for custom regulation and
fine art – for both contemporary and antique art
– in EU, as well as on the international market.


Through our Tracking and Tracing system you will be able
to check the status of all your picking and shipments in
real time, 24h/24, 7d/7.

Our freight
services include:

_ International shipping by land, air or sea;
_ Dedicated and groupage transports, handling and installation by our team of high qualified professionals;
_ Management of high-value goods and non-standard dimensions;
_ Protective packing with anticollision, antivibration, insulation and climate-control features;
_ Transportation with security monitored vehicles with climate-control and air-suspension systems;
_ Courier assistance and airport supervision;
_ Schedule of shipment papers and custom regulations management, Fine Art formalities;

Our multilingual staff, highly specialized and well qualified will work closely with yours to solve any possible handling problem, acting quickly and flexibly at any stage of the process.