To compete and win in the fashion world, combining precision,
timeliness and flexibility is a must. We apply it everyday.

With global trade growing more and more, logistics has become one of the most crucial factors in the quality of any supply chain. Providing value to customers does not only refer to quality or quantity but also to timely availability.

European fashion retailers can be very demanding: poorly organized logistics can lead to losing customers and decreased sales.

Relying on Alen’s logistics system, you can not only better
your overall business efficiency but also elevate
your brand reputation


Thanks to our optimized management of picking and
, we will effectively respond to your customers’
requests almost in real time

Our Logistics Division will be able to carry out express shipments for your garments and products in Italy and Europe, ensuring the maximum speed and reliability of transport in every situation.

Our logistics
services include:

_ Reception of goods and related documents
_ Quality control of incoming goods
_ Customized staff and management training on international trading rules, focusing on fiscal aspects
_ Management of warehouse flows for loading and unloading
_ Packaging and labeling of goods ready to be shipped
_ Stock management (also for hanging goods)
_ Arrangement of shipping , issuance and management of documents necessary for transport
_ Planning and supplying of materials needed for production
_ E-commerce
_ Refitting