& Consultancy

In logistics, efficiency always starts
from optimizing existing customer’s procedures and facilities.

Alen offers a top planning and consulting service in order to analyse, organize or reorganize in the best possibile way our customers’ internal and external logistics flows, while using the most modern technologies in IT field.

We can offer valuable consulting solutions
to take your organization to a superior level
of effectiveness and competitiveness

Our consulting
services include:

_ Reorganization of inbound and outbound logistics flows
_ Fulfillment and implementation of IT systems aimed to support logistics activities
_ Monitoring and analysis of the processes aimed to implement the continuous improvement of logistics processes
_ Expert consultancy on regulatory aspects and on management of fully integrated logistics
_ Support in evaluating and getting required certificates (NB: LINK a sezione Customs, Fiscal & Administrative Services) to export and import goods in various parts of the world
_ E-commerce sales in EU: tax consultancy to sell the goods in various countries without charging local VATs thanks to Fiscal Representation solution