Transports & Shipments

Your clothes are precious to you and to us.
They will always arrive on time and in perfect conditions
to every destination

Alen can meet every transport you need, from standard connection, even daily, to complex and customized shipments.

We’ll analyze your modes and destinations in Europe, EUAU, Asia Pacific or USA, executing the process that’s best for you.

Furthermore, as fashion transportation specialists, we will always provide you with an excellent return on investment.  We’ll give you the absolute peace of mind of knowing you have optimized your freight management.

We guarantee absolute compliance with the established
delivery times in total safety, taking care of integrity
of forwarded products.


Through our Tracking and Tracing system you will be able
to check the status of all your picking and shipments in
real time, 24h/24, 7d/7.

Our freight
services include:

_ Urgent transports and shipments
_ Management of particular goods (high-value goods, non-standard dimensions goods)
_ Schedule of shipment papers
_ Transportation of hanging garments
_ Payment collection management
_ Use of specific handling tools in order to take care of transported goods

Our multilingual staff, highly specialized and well qualified will work closely with yours to solve any possible handling problem, acting quickly and flexibly at any stage of the process.